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BROOKLYN NAVY YARD — An urban farm in an unsuspecting location — atop a building in the heart of Brooklyn — is making a difference for New Yorkers in need.

Local farmers work the 65,000 square foot farm at the Brooklyn Navy Yard called Brooklyn Grange.

There are three of these urban farm locations growing about 100,000 pounds of organic produce every year.

The farm frequently sold its produce to restaurants, in addition to farmers markets and community consumers.

But amid the coronavirus pandemic, Brooklyn Grange’s restaurant customers were not longer ordering. So, with the help of corporate partner Blundstone and Rethink Food NYC, there’s a new system in place.

The produce goes to local restaurants that have been converted to community kitchens. The restaurants were able to hire back some workers that cook the produce into meals that are then sent “food desert” communities, where access to fresh, nutritious meals is limited.