CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn (PIX11) —  It is an unusual baseball game when both teams are on the same side. But that was the case in Coney Island, where both teams were on the side of peace and unity against Russia.

Players from Ukraine’s National Baseball Team took on members of the FDNY at Maimonides Park in Brooklyn. Still, this rare afternoon game was as much about showing support for Ukraine as it was about this popular American sport that Ukrainians love.

“We wanted to use baseball as diplomacy to help tell their story,”  Dimitry Sagalchik, who had the idea to bring the Ukrainian team to the United States, told PIX11 News.

“I’m hoping that this supports Ukraine to give them armaments against Putin, a dictator,” Larry Emert, a baseball fan buying a hat and tee shirt, told PIX11 News.

The tickets to the game were free, but shirts and hats supporting Ukraine cost $50, with proceeds going to restore the baseball fields and sports complexes destroyed in this nine-month-long invasion by Russia.

The FDNY and NYPD Pulaski organization also gave Ukraine’s national team a $13,500 check.

The baseball players from Ukraine were so grateful.

“We are becoming stronger and stronger every day in Ukraine,” Andrii Boiko, the Ukraine team’s designated hitter, told PIX11 News. “They should know we will win altogether,” he added.

“We’re here to help and raise money where there is turmoil in the world,” Scott Miller, retired FDNY who is the team manager, told PIX11 News.

Perhaps the children were most poignant at this Ukraine vs. FDNY baseball game.

Seventh grader Ryan Patrick Hirschhorn of Massapequa created this Hearts of Ukraine sculpture about kindness, hope and love.

“It helps show we are willing to help and we stand with Ukraine,” Ryan Hirschhorn, 12 years old, told PIX11 News.

And six-year-old Melania Bilinskyi of Bath Beach, Brooklyn, wanted to sing a Ukraine song about peace, which she did beautifully!