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BROOKLYN — Thanksgiving isn’t until Thursday, but several commuters on a New York City subway train got a head start in the holiday festivities.

Passengers boarding a Canarsie-bound L train were in for a treat as they entered one special subway car Sunday night.

A group of people set up a cloth-covered table in the middle of the car and began handing out plates of food — which included turkey, mashed potatoes and yams — to their fellow commuters.

Videos posted on social media show the group casually passing around plates  and enjoying their meal, while amused commuters laughed and took the plates of food.

Let’s just say spreading the holiday spirit can happen wherever you go.

Commuter Andrew Toranzo posted the experience on Instagram and TikTok, where a woman is seen serving food, while another person was heard saying “Everybody get their plates, sit down and eat.”

Toranzo told PIX11 he had “never seen so many smiling commuters on the L train before!”

PIX11 writer Joe Kohle contributed to this report.