BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PIX11) — Salvatore Zottola, who miraculously survived multiple gunshots in 2018 outside his father’s home, leaned forward in court Thursday to watch an alleged murder plot unfold on text messages displayed on monitors.

Federal prosecutors say his brother, Anthony, was planning murders for hire against Salvatore and his father, Sylvester, along with members of the Bloods gang. 

Only Sylvester Zottola, a reputed associate of the Bonanno organized crime family, ended up dead at a McDonald’s drive-thru after multiple attempts to get the job done had failed.

Assistant United States Attorney Kayla Bensing displayed a series of text messages dating back to 2017 from admitted Bloods member Bushawn Shelton. He has already pleaded guilty to organizing a hit against the father, which took more than a year after many unsuccessful efforts.

FBI Special Agent Michael Zoufal talked about the wealth of evidence he found on Shelton’s multiple cellphones.

In one text, Agent Zoufal said Shelton wrote to an associate known as Taliban: “My old Italian dude hit me and needs one of his tenants beat up. He usually gives me a stack,” referring to money.

In another text from Aug. 15, 2017, Zoufal said Anthony Zottola sent a text to his Bloods contact stating, “I do have a picture of that mechanic. I’ll get it to you in a day or so.”

In another text, Shelton said to another associate, “I need this old dude mashed out bad on Hobart Avenue.”

Sylvester Zottola lived in a massive, waterfront property in the Locust Point section of the Bronx.

The prosecutor presented multiple text messages that span more than a year, revealing Shelton’s outreach to various Bloods members. Many of them have already pleaded guilty in this case.

One video showed surveillance done on Hobart Avenue from Shelton’s phone, and other texts reveal gang members’ frustration when they missed Sylvester Zottola outside his house.

The United States Attorney for the Eastern District said Anthony Zottola wanted his father Sylvester and brother Salvatore dead, so he could control the family’s $45 million real estate empire.

On Sept. 8, 2017, a text was sent from Shelton’s phone to Anthony Zottola, telling him “I passed your house and there’s a lot of police out front. Just making sure you’re okay.”

Sylvester Zottola survived a prior beating and slashing before he ended up dead. (Photo courtesy: US DOJ)

The Sept. 8 incident involved a beating Sylvester Zottola survived. But prosecutors said future text messages revealed Anthony Zottola was gunning for his brother, too.

Shelton sent one message to associate Brandon Peterson saying, “2005 Hobart Avenue. Bronx, New York 10461.  Sal. Red Acura truck.”

When PIX11 News tried to speak to Salvatore Zottola about the texts when he left court Thursday evening, he sprinted away.

Back on July 11, 2018, Zottola was ambushed by a gunman near his car outside the family home on Hobart Avenue. He rolled around on the ground and managed to avoid a serious brain injury when one bullet just grazed his head. But he was seriously wounded, with the first bullet hitting him in the chest

Less than three months later, his father was assassinated while picking up coffee at the McDonald’s drive-thru on Webster Avenue.

Anthony Zottola is now on trial with the accused McDonald’s gunman, Himan Ross, and another alleged Bloods associate, Al Lopez.

One of the most galling texts Salvatore Zottola saw on Thursday was an alleged message his brother Anthony sent to the Bloods member, Shelton.

“Maybe someday we can get the wives together and have some dinner,” the text said.