BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PIX11) — One Brooklyn high school is bringing the New York Stock Exchange trading floor to the classroom, teaching high school students how to invest in the process. Seniors at the Brooklyn Academy of Global Finance in Bedford-Stuyvesant are getting a taste of Wall Street every day at school. The class looks like a model of an actual trading floor, complete with an electronic ticker.

While their class is focused on investing, they also learn the basics of personal finance.

Skilyn Leon, 16, is a high school senior and already sounds like a financial advisor. For three years now, she’s been learning the ins and out of the financial world in her high school classes.

She’s not alone, dozens of high school students at the Brooklyn Academy of Global Finance are part of this stock market challenge and money boot camp.

Their teacher, Patricia Betrand, said they are not investing real money yet. Students pick stocks and watch them grow and decide what they’d like to invest in. From there, they compete against each other. They also learn other practical money lessons she said are invaluable.

Principal Danielle Darbee said her students are learning about money strategies that will help them and their families attain financial security for life. It helps prepare them for their biggest expense, she said: college.

If you want more information go to the school’s website.