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BROOKLYN — A teen was struck in the head by a metal panel as he waited for a subway in Brooklyn on Monday morning.

A metal drip plate fell on a teen’s head at a subway station in Brooklyn. (Afnan Perviaz)

The drip pan fell on Afnan Perviaz, 19, from the station ceiling at Dekalb Avenue around 10 a.m.

“Doctor said I’m lucky that the corner of it didn’t hit me on my head otherwise I most likely would have died,” Perviaz said.

He felt dizzy the pan fell on his head  and suffered a slight concussion.

The pan was installed to stop water from falling onto the platform, MTA spokesman Tim Minton said. Personnel responded to the station immediately to secure the area and confirm that it would be safe going forward.

“This is a very serious incident that should not have happened,” Minton said. “NYC Transit procedures require that such pans are bolted in securely, and an investigation is underway to determine why that evidently wasn’t the case.”