Tech hub opens in Brooklyn Navy Yard using AI to create jobs

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is the center of urban manufacturing and innovation. Manufacturers there didn’t hesitate to step up During the COVID-19 crisis to help create PPE and other essentials needed during the pandemic. Now, the landmark houses a tech company that’s gearing up to bring back that forward way of thinking for communities in crisis, and restore modern manufacturing in NYC.

Nanotronics is a tech hub with a sustainable approach. The company manufactures products that use a combination of artificial intelligence, robotics and super resolution imaging. 

They created a breathing apparatus machine called nHale, and is gearing up to send thousands of them to India to help COVID patients.

Another machine called nSpec uses an inspection tool that analyzes and tests computer chips to see if the technology is good enough to be sold, or if it needs improvement. 

The company not only prides itself in improving technology — officials say being sustainable is just as important. The design space, for example, is made out of cross laminated timber. It’s the first commercially approved project in the city to use it, and acts as carbon sink, absorbing carbon emissions.

Now Nanotronics says in addition to working with other companies to bring industry back to municipalities, improve technology and help communities in need, the goal is to fill the 190 jobs by 2026.