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(Dov Hikind)

BOROUGH PARK, Brooklyn — Workers at a kosher bakery in Brooklyn were greeted by a flyer featuring a swastika and a call for Jews to leave.

The full text of the flyer reads “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!! JUDEN RAUS (jews out). N*****S AND F*****S MUST BURN IN HELL. CHRISTIAN IDENTITY IS BACK.”

Weiss Bakery contacted Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) after receiving the flyer.

“In light of what’s going on the world, all threats must be taken very seriously,” said Hikind. “We’re not waiting for an incident before addressing a threat.”

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office is also looking into the flyer and similar letters that have gone out.

“We are aware of this and similar letters that have been sent,” acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said. “We are investigating and will not stand for these acts.”

Hikind helped Weiss Bakery file a complaint with the police, he said.

“Hate crimes are serious matters,” Hikind said. “This threat against one of our community’s beloved establishments, which used the U.S. mail, is absolutely a hate crime. It’s sad that we live in a time when such disgusting things are said about various races, including the Jews, but we will certainly take these matters seriously when they arise and act swiftly and responsibly, in tandem with the police, to make sure our community members are safe and protected.”