BROOKLYN (PIX11) — There’s a summer youth employment program underway aimed at preparing young people for professional careers while learning ways to protect our environment.

They’re taking part in a summer youth employment program at Green-Wood Cemetery. The program is funded by the Department Of Youth And Community Development. The cemetery also teamed up with the Center for Family Life in Sunset Park offering students ages 15-20 a unique hands-on experience aimed at protecting our environment while exposing them to various career options. 

The six-week program teaches them about restoration, horticulture and interpretation. 

In addition to a lesson in mulching and insects, interns are learning about stone resetting. So far, they have found 39 headstones in the public lot dating back to the late 1850s and 60s, representing an important piece of history. 

Weathering over time left many of these headstones underground. After probing, digging, cleaning, and resetting the foundation, each is then cemented back in place, and memorialized in an environmentally conscious way, all while beautifying this landmark that makes up the fabric of Brooklyn.