BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PIX11) — A Brooklyn man survived a deadly shooting but still feels he’s in the fight of his life.

Cordel McDuffie has been tormented with grief for the past month after his girlfriend was murdered in an ambush. 

“I have not been the same. I have cried every single day since this has happened,” McDuffie told PIX11.

That day was Sept. 9. McDuffie recalled a non-aggressive encounter with a fellow driver at a Brooklyn Home Depot parking lot.

His girlfriend, Imani Sharpless, was alongside him in the passenger seat.

“We exchanged words, and I moved out of the way. My girl and I had no expectation of being ambushed,” he recalled.

Five minutes later, his life changed forever.

“I felt bullets hitting me. But it was just too fast. When I looked up, I saw the same guy. I don’t really recall the extent of my pain; I was focused on my girlfriend. Having to relive that moment and that she’s not here anymore hurts the most,” McDuffie said. 

She was shot in the head, the leg and the back. Sharpless died five days later in the hospital. Sept. 14 is a date on the calendar already marred by sadness for McDuffie. 

“She died the same day as my father,” he said. 

The dad of two boys is now getting physical and mental therapy. He’s also working to ensure the suspected gunman, 58-year-old Quincy Davis, goes to prison for life. 

McDuffie recently testified before a grand jury while wearing his girlfriend’s ring — grasping to the memories of their last four years together. The Kings County District Attorney’s office said the indictment will be unsealed at a later date. 

“My boys definitely need me… it’s going to take me some time to be who I was to them. She took a large part of me with her,” McDuffie said. 

His vehicle, used that day for his courier job, was left blood-stained and riddled with bullets. Friends have started a GoFundMe to help purchase a new car and take to doctors appointments.