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BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn (PIX11) — A sex offender with nine prior arrests allegedly choked his 81-year-old Brooklyn neighbor and dislocated her jaw early on Tuesday, police said.

The woman woke up to a noise in her living room, officials said. She got up to investigate and found her neighbor in her home.

Thomas Johnson, 50, allegedly punched the woman and choked her, knocking her out, police said. Detectives from the Special Victims Unit quickly apprehended Johnson, who’s a registered level 3 sex offender.

The woman’s jaw was dislocated. When she was being treated at the hospital, it was discovered that some of her clothing was missing.

While investigating, officers found a bloody shirt, officials said. Police charged Johnson with assault in the second degree, strangulation and burglary. Charges could be upgraded.

Johnson was previously arrested in August 2021 on strangulation charges. In Aug. 2006, he sexually abused a 5-year-old girl. He pled guilty and served one year. Prior to that, he was arrested in March of 2003 on assault charges.

Johnson was also arrested in 1995 on attempted murder charges, police said. He pled guilty to assault. Police also arrested him in February of 1994 on grand larceny charges.

In 1991, police arrested Johnson three times. He was arrested in January, March and September.