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The above video was taken by Joshua R. Pyne

BROOKLYN — A man who claimed to be a lawyer shouted racial slurs at L train riders before he was shoved off the train, video taken by Joshua R. Pyne shows.

The Lime-A-Rita drinking rider shouted about his first amendment rights and repeatedly said the N-word.

“First amendment, first amendment, n****r, n****r, n****r, n****r, n****r, n****r, n****r, n****r” he shouts at one point in a sing-songy voice while jumping up and down.

Angry riders shouted back at him on the Brooklyn-bound train and he called them small minded.

“You can’t think,” he said. “You made a fool of yourselves.”

The man had a bag and, as the train pulled into Bedford Avenue, some of the riders apparently took it from him. He shouted to get his bag back and said they couldn’t take his property.

Other riders shoved him off the train and onto the platform. He rushed back in, but was shoved out again, this time falling onto the platform. The man got up again and tried to re-enter the L train car.

Riders shoved him out again and one commuter threw soup on him. The man didn’t give up. He stood up and tried to get back on the train, but was shoved back down again.

A rider kicked him.

“Get your hate speech out of here,” one rider shouts in the video.