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CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn — The school buses were lined up along the service road on Eastern Parkway to block protesters from being seen by people going to the yeshiva’s fundraiser.  But their voices can clearly be heard.

“Call the cops, not your rabbi,” protesters chanted, carrying signs saying “sexual abuse of little boys and girls is soul murder.”

Dozens of survivors of child sexual abuse, former students, advocates and parents rallied in front of Oholei Torah.

They are protesting what they say is the continued coverup of child sexual and physical abuse that they say occurs in the boys’ yeshiva.

We’re demanding accountability,” Chaim Levin, the rally organizer, told PIX11. “Two teachers who have physically abused students are still here. One teacher threw a student out a window. The principal been here for all the cover ups,” Levin claimed.

Among those protesting was a young woman who says she was molested by a family member who was also a rabbi.

“I was 16 and it was the night of my brother’s bar mitzvah and my life has never been the same,” Brocha Mishulovin told PIX11. “A police report was filed, but nothing was ever pushed farther than that.”

Marc Appel, Voice of Justice founder, said that type of abuse is typical.

“This is a situation that has been going on for years,” Appel said, “where there is an accusation involving a rabbi, whether is physical or sexual abuse and it doesn’t get investigated.”

Protestors point to a Newsweek story this month detailing an alleged coverup at the yeshiva dating back to the 1990s.

One parent we spoke to going into the gala said the problems here at Oholei Torah are all in the past.

“There is no abuse going on right now,” Sheva Tauby, a parent said. “It is all in the past. My sons are 100 percent safe here,” she added.

The protesters say they will keep coming back until all the staff that has been accused of abuse have been replaced.