PROSPECT PARK, Brooklyn (PIX11) — After nearly 30 years, a section of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park that was closed off to visitors has reopened with a scenic walking trail that leads to a waterfall, organizers said.

The new Fallkill Trail and Falkill Waterfall are in an area that has been fenced off to parkgoers since 1995 before officially opening on Thursday, according to the Prospect Park Alliance.

In the past year, park staff has removed plants and hauled logs to form the walking path. The area used to be littered with garbage and graffiti by fence-hoppers looking to get closer to the waterfall, organizers said.

“This new trail will invite visitors to explore a previously fenced area of the park and enjoy the beautifully restored landscape. The long-term health of our natural areas requires us to be champions and strong stewards of the park and I urge all who come to experience the park’s woodlands to stay on the designated trails, carry out all trash that you bring in, and always keep dogs on-leash to protect these delicate habitats,” Morgan Monaco, president of Prospect Park Alliance, said.

The entrance to the new trail is close to the Prospect Park Dog Beach and baseball fields.

Prospect Park features 350 acres of natural areas, including meadows, a forest, and a lake.