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BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn — A Brooklyn woman who was shot twice in the head while she was still pregnant is scheduled to come home from the hospital Tuesday to an apartment in need of repairs.

There’s no heat in the apartment and there’s a leak in her baby’s room. He came home from the hospital about a month ago after he was born. Gifts from the baby shower are piled in a corner of the living room so they can be kept dry.

His mom, 19-year-old Tatiana Sparks, was standing outside her Brownsville apartment when she was shot in the head this past September, her mother Ruth Sparks said. The gunman was never caught.

“She was an innocent victim. She is a miracle. Her son is a miracle too,” Sparks said about her daughter. “Now we need a housing miracle – a transfer.”

A spokesperson for the New York City Housing Authority said they are looking into her transfer request.

“Staff has visited the resident today to ensure she has the safe, warm home she deserves,” the spokesperson said.

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