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EAST NEW YORK, Brooklyn — A corner bodega in Brooklyn looks a lot like New York City’s other delis; there are snacks, cigarettes and a bodega cat, but this East New York bodega is different: it’s home to a DJ who reaches 50,000 listeners on his popular radio show.

Geovanny Valdez, also known as DJ Jova, hosts his show from the bodega’s basement. He also works behind the counter of the store, which his uncle owns.  Valdez works 16 hours some day and uses the money for audio equipment.

“I don’t want money, I don’t want nothing,” he said. “I just want to help the community.”

La Relambia FM 94.1 listeners will come in to talk to him while he works in the bodega. Valdez has used his reach to try and make East New York a safer neighborhood. He encourages his listeners to attend community meetings.

“If you want to do something good, just follow your dream,” he said.