WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn (PIX11) – Are you looking to serve up the perfect craft cocktail or mocktail but really don’t know what goes into it?

A new pop-up exhibit in Williamsburg promises to walk you through the process of choosing and extracting bitters while appealing to all five of your senses.

The Hella Cocktail Company’s “Cheers to 10 Bitter Years: A Flavor Exploration” also includes a blind-tasting bar where you can guess which bitter is in a drink and a non-alcoholic “speak-easy” bar downstairs.

Ten years ago, Hella Cocktail Co. was founded by three friends in Brooklyn who started experimenting with bitters in their apartment kitchen.

Co-founder Tobin Ludwig said, “You don’t need to be intimidated. Bitters are like the salt and pepper of the bar.”

Co-founder Jomaree Pinkard told PIX 11 News that if you want a good craft cocktail, “bitters are one of the four key ingredients; ice, water, sugar and bitters along with your spirit.”

The exhibit opened Saturday, Sept. 10, and runs through Oct. 1 at 232 Varet Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.