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BRIGHTON BEACH, Brooklyn — Police officers are being praised after they a baby stopped breathing in Brooklyn Saturday evening.

Police officers helped a choking baby June 9, 2018. (NYPD)

Officers Michael Pace and Joseph Doyle were in a marked police and stopped at a red light along Ocean Parkway and Brighton Beach Avenue when a woman holding a baby frantically banged on their window, authorities said.

The woman was screaming that her baby wasn’t breathing, said police.

The officers exited their car and observed the 15-month-old girl was turning blue and not breathing, said cops.

Police officer Daniel Newman and Lieutenant Patrick King heard the radio transmissions and responded to the scene.

Newman, who is an NYPD certified EMT began to assess the baby’s condition and decided to transport the baby to the hospital in the police car, said officials.

While on the way to the hospital, Officer Newman swept the baby’s mouth with his finger to clear any obstructions from her mouth as he continued to perform chest compressions, said cops.

When they got to the hospital, Officer Newman felt the baby’s heartbeat, and the child started crying as color returned to her face.

The infant was treated and released in the pediatric emergency room.