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BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn — Dozens gathered in front of a church Sunday to send their love and support to a young girl who was allegedly raped and sodomized by an older male relative inside the church, repeatedly, for at least four years, according to the Brooklyn district attorney.

Matthew Gibson,  the 44-year-old son of the Progressive Baptist Church’s longtime pastor and bishop, has been charged with incest and rape. The family of the victim said they have been receiving death threats since they spoke out against the pastor and his son.

“This street should’ve been full of people,” Myia Maples, a relative of the girl told the crowd. “If this was your child, your daughter, your sister, your relative, then you would want people to rally behind you. It’s not OK that people want us to be quiet, want my husband to be quiet. This should not have happened to a child and it should not of happened in the house of God.”

There were no services at the church and no word on why it was padlocked.

Gibson is at the Brooklyn House of Detention awaiting trial on rape, incest and sex abuse charges involving his younger relative.

“Our only purpose is that this church get a full investigation and that this pastor be removed,” Henry Maples, a relative of the girl told the demonstrators. “The whole administration should be removed because it is under their watch that this happened.”

Organizers say the demonstrations will continue until the investigation is complete and justice is served.

“We love you, we stand with you, we pray with you,” demonstrators chanted.