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WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn — There’s a huge elm tree in from of the home Mady Sanchez owns in Willamsburg, Brooklyn.

The city planted it many years ago.Mady says it’s a hazard in more ways than one.

It has grown so large that the roots have snaked under the sidewalk, liftingup the concrete two or three inches, resulting in a trip hazard.Although she has painted the raised edge as a warning to passersby, Mady says people have tripped on it.

She says “I can’t do anything about the tree because the tree belongs to the city. I have to wait for the city to act. But if somebody falls on the sidewalk, I’m responsible. I’ll get sued.” Mady’s 86-year-old mother lives in the house. She walks with a cane and doesn’t go out of the house because she’s afraid of tripping on the uplifted sidewalk.

That raised sidewalk also prevents the security gate in front of Mady’s home from opening and closing all the way.

The result is a security gate that doesn’t provide security. Anyone can pull on the gate and get in.

Mady says she’s been complaining to the city Park’s Department , with no success.

“I’ve been living here for seven years, paying all my taxes. Don’t I deserve for the sidewalk to be fixed, if that’s all I’m asking the city to do? For them to remove this tree. Plant a smaller tree.”

PIX11 contacted the Parks Department.

A spokesperson says “This site was last inspected on 6/10/15 and a repair work order has since been issued. It is on our radar and will remain on our repairs wait list
while we address higher priority sites. We apologize for the inconveniencethat this may cause Ms. Sanchez.” What a Shame!

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