CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn (PIX11) — Police shot a knife-wielding man twice in Coney Island on Thursday, then struggled with him when the man wouldn’t let go of a knife.

An NYPD officer was sliced in the hand during the fight with the 57-year-old suspect, NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said. He was one of several who struggled with the man.

Police display knives recovered from suspect in May 5, 2022 police-involved incident in Coney Island. (PIX11)

The suspect, a Brooklyn resident, parked outside a DMV shortly before 1 p.m., officials said. He got out of his SUV wearing red gloves and holding two large knives, Sewell said. One of the knives was 16 inches long with an 11-inch blade.

When a uniformed officer from the nearby 60 precinct spotted the suspect, the knife-wielding perpetrator charged toward the officer with one of the knives raised, Sewell said. That officer tactically repositioned, putting distance between himself and the armed man. More uniformed officers were alerted to what was going on by community members and they rushed over.

When the additional officers arrived, the armed man advanced on them, Sewell said. One officer gave the suspect numerous orders to drop the knives, but he continued to charge at police. An officer fired four times, hitting the suspect twice.

The perpetrator fell to the ground, but continued to fight with police when officers tried to get him to release the grip on one of the knives, Sewell said. During the “intense and prolonged” struggle, an 6-year veteran of the NYPD was sliced on the hand. Police originally said an officer had been stabbed.

The suspect was taken into police custody and taken to a hospital for treatment. He was in what police described as stable condition. The officer was also taken to a hospital for treatment.

“I have to commend the actions of these brave officers,” Sewell said.

A motive remained unclear Thursday afternoon, officials said. Police were reviewing multiple sources of video that captured the incident.

The incident happened near the New York Aquarium and the NYPD’s 60 precinct building. Police asked people to avoid the area around West 8th Street between Neptune Avenue and Surf Avenue as the investigation continued.

People were advised to expect emergency vehicles in the area. Pedestrians and drivers should use alternate routes when traveling in the area, police said.