EAST NEW YORK, Brooklyn (PIX11) – An NYPD officer shot a machete-wielding man in self-defense in Brooklyn Tuesday, police officials said.

The shooting happened in East New York in the 200 block of New Lots Avenue, according to the NYPD.

Police were searching for James Olla after he allegedly assaulted a family member and a 58-year-old woman in separate incidents earlier in the day, according to NYPD Chief Jeffrey Maddrey.

Police found Olla, 30, sitting on the steps outside his home on New Lots Avenue, Maddrey said. An NYPD lieutenant approached Olla and called out his name.


In response, Olla allegedly got up and approached the officer with a machete and butcher knife in each hand, according to police. The police officer told Olla to put the knives down, but he refused to comply with the order, Maddrey said.

“As the male advanced on the lieutenant and got closer, the lieutenant discharged two rounds from his weapon, striking the male in the groin/thigh area,” Maddrey said.

Olla was transported to a hospital and is expected to survive his injuries, authorities said. The officer was not injured.

Olla faces several criminal charges, including attempted assault, attempted assault on a police officer, menacing a police officer, and criminal possession of a weapon, officials said early Wednesday.

Prior to police arriving at Olla’s home, he had allegedly threatened a neighbor with the machete, Maddrey said.

The 58-year-old woman he allegedly assaulted suffered substantial injuries to her face, authorities said. Olla’s family member was not significantly injured in the separate assault.

“We ask anyone if they have any information — if there were any additional witnesses out here, anybody who may have been a victim or saw anything — please reach out to the 75th precinct or our Force Investigations Division,” Maddrey said.