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NEW YORK — An NYPD department surgeon allegedly offered to drive a women home from a bar after she said she was feeling sick Saturday night, but then took her to his home and raped her, police sources said.

The two met at Delilah’s Bar in Manhattan, police sources said. The NYPD surgeon, who supervises the care of injured officers and decides when they can return to duty, took her to his home in Brooklyn instead of driving her home.

He allegedly raped her in his home.

She left the house in a bathrobe Sunday morning and called a friend who knows the alleged attacker, sources said. The friend told the woman to call police. He also told her that the NYPD surgeon, to his knowledge, wasn’t someone who would do something like this.

After she called 911, the surgeon came outside to look for her.  She ducked between cars to hide from him. Police took him into custody. No charges have been filed.

The surgeon’s name has not yet been released. NYPD surgeon is an honorary position. The NYPD has a staff of 36 surgeons.

This comes as two NYPD officers face charges that they raped a teen in Brooklyn.