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BROOKLYN — Close to 200 bicyclists circling Barclays Center chanted Breonna Taylor’s name Friday to remember the 26-year-old Kentucky woman killed in a hail of police bullets.

“I think we need to send a message that it’s unacceptable that no one was charged with Breonna Taylor’s death,” said John Donahue.

As the demonstrators grew in numbers, so did their resolve. We asked Shani Penn if she felt progress was being made.

“No, not enough,” she answered.

Earlier this evening in Kentucky, a video was shared for the first time by the lawyer for Louisville police Sergeant John Mattingly moments after the raid on Breonna Taylor’s apartment in Louisville.

The police officer’s lawyer wrote in a tweet: “They called him a murderer, when all he did was defend himself.”

The family of Breonna Taylor also spoke out.

“I’m angry because this nation is learning that our Black women are dying at the hands of police officers,” said Bianca Austin, “and this is not okay.”

Also in Louisville, the man accused of shooting two police officers during protests Wednesday made his first court appearance. The city’s mayor said violence will not be tolerated.

Back at Barclays, the focus Friday night is that Black female lives matter, too.

“Our interest needs to be saving Black women,” said one marcher.