CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn (PIX11) — A Brooklyn mother said she hears rats screeching in the walls of her apartment every night due to an infestation that she’s struggling to get addressed.

Liznette Escobar, 33, said she is stressed and disgusted by the rat problem inside her apartment at NYCHA’s Sterling-Buffalo Houses in Crown Heights.

Last week after going grocery shopping, Escobar returned home and heard screeching coming from the trash can in her kitchen. A video she recorded shows her throwing the shopping cart at the trash can. A large rat then pops out and scurries away.

Escobar also shared with PIX11 News a recording of the screeching sounds she hears the rats making in her walls at night.

The problems in Escobar’s apartment don’t stop there. She needs a new kitchen sink and her bathroom sink floods.

Escobar believes sealed garbage chutes and broken compactors right next to her first-floor apartment are to blame for the problems.

Escobar is worried that her apartment is a health hazard for her son. She is trying to get a plumber and exterminator to address the issues. Escobar already submitted many repair tickets, but she wasn’t getting any help.

PIX11 News contacted NYCHA about Escobar’s problems. A NYCHA spokesperson said they are sending someone to help.

“NYCHA staff has been in touch with the resident and will be visiting the location tonight to continue to address concerns accordingly,” a NYCHA spokesperson said.

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