BROOKLYN (PIX11) — A video unsealed by a Brooklyn judge Wednesday shows the chaos inside a subway car after Frank James opened fire. 

One video shows the bloody scene inside an N train after Frank James started shooting on April 12, 2022. Wounded passengers can be seen on the floor. James shot 10 people. Thirteen others were injured in the attack. 

Another video shows James, who pleaded guilty on Tuesday, being interrogated by police. After James was taken into custody, police questioned him to find out if there were any bombs hidden that might go off. They asked if James had any friends “that are going to do something bad.”

“What friends do I have? I don’t have any friends,” James said in the video. “I’m, I’m a loner. I, I live by myself. All I do, I drink and I make YouTube videos. That’s all I do.”

James posted dozens of videos online before the attack. In them, he ranted about race and violence 

In a video posted a day before the attack, James criticized crime against Black people. He said things would only change if certain people were “stomped, kicked and tortured” out of their “comfort zone.”