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BROOKLYN (PIX11) — It’s billed as the “most meaningful gift on earth” and will leave just about anyone feeling special.

A new service called Tribute allows users to literally pay tribute to the people in their lives, letting friends and family record short videos which is then condensed and presented to the recipient on YouTube.

Tribute is the brainchild of Brooklynite Andrew Horn who said he got the idea after he himself received a video montage for his 27th birthday where his closest friends explained why they valued him.

“For me personally, watching those videos was honestly life validating,” he told PIX11 News. “To see the people that I care most about telling me I had an impact in their life and that I mattered to them was powerful.”

His overwhelming gratitude for the gift snowballed into an idea and a Kickstarter campaign. His team soon developed a user-friendly platform to record and upload videos, allowing even the least-tech savvy to create so-called living eulogies.

“The power of love from the people you care about is immeasurable,” Horn said, describing how Tribute provides a platform for friends and family to share their appreciation, admiration and encouragement for a person they care for.

Tribute, which launched early this month, is currently offering a free trial to new users. To try it out during their beta test, visit their website.