BROOKLYN (PIX11) — Have you noticed it yet? A giant 30-foot-high metal sculpture of the word “LAND” now sits in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

It’s in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge and can be seen across the river from the FDR.

It was created by artist Nicholas Galanin and installed last week by the Public Art Fund New York. It is meant to look like the iconic LOVE sculpture in Philadelphia. It is made from the same material as the wall along the U.S. Southern border with Mexico.

It is the same height and has the same anti-climbing structures on top.

The sculpture was installed as tens of thousands of migrants who crossed the southern border have been relocated to New York. 

PIX11 News caught up with Galanin, who said the work is meant to send a message and spark a conversation.

“National borders cross through our communities historically. I’m Tlingit from Alaska. We are divided by the U.S.-Canada border, our families on both sides,” said Galanin. “I’m anti-border wall. Period. This is a protest of these colonial structures that maintain violence on Indigenous land.”

The sculpture will be in Brooklyn Bridge Park until at least November.