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BROOKLYN — With teachers calling in sick across New York and schools staying open, some students fell through the cracks on Monday as they returned to class.

Mom Noor Mohamed, who has a child in the third grade in Brooklyn, said her daughter’s teacher called out sick on Monday. The principal basically babysat Mohamed’s daughter, who has an individualized education plan to better meet her learning needs.

“She didn’t receive any education because of this,” Mohamed said.

United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew said he’s concerned about staffing around the city. In Brooklyn, PS 58 pivoted to remote learning on Sunday night after a number of sick calls. The sudden shutdown is now under investigation because school leadership made the decision without permission from the Department of Education, according to a city spokesperson.

“I was watching the news and saw that Mayor Adams and the chancellor said that everything was great, they have all this extra staffing,” Mohamed said. “I was very upset to find out my child didn’t get an education today. What is the point of any of this?”

Mohamed said no one has responded to her calls and emails about whether or not her daughter will have her proper teachers and resources if she goes to school on Tuesday. So until she hears something, Mohamed plans to keep her daughter home and look for alternative education options.