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BROOKLYN — Baby Reeda isn’t quite talking yet, but she’s a strong 8-month old miracle baby, healthy and in the arms of both of her parents this holiday season.

Tasnim Shaheen, a Brooklyn mom of three beat the odds earlier this year. She was just six months pregnant with a critical case of COVID-19 when she gave birth to Reeda.

Shaheen woke up from an induced coma after 32 days after a lot of praying from her family and hard work by doctors.

“I’m very happy excited because I got my new life and got my baby,” she told PIX11 Sunday.

Despite how much COVID has taken from so many people this year, baby Reeda’s father said he is blessed to have had two gifts from God this year: his wife and their angel.

“We celebrate our life now every single moment,” Shahnewaz Shaheen said. “Every single time and moment is a holiday for us.”

His wife is walking, talking and eating again, but she’s still recovering and being treated at Jamaica Hospital’s new center dedicated to COVID patients who are still experiencing long-term effects from the coronavirus, such as memory loss and fatigue.

“I was paralyzed and I have pain, but I’m feeling better,” the mom said. “I’m strong now.”

While it has been a long battle with COVID-19 this year for the Shaheen family, they tell PIX11, they are grateful for their holiday miracle.

“We are very excited. This is our first time she’s seeing all the holiday,” added Shahnewaz.

Both of the couple’s sons contracted COVID too, but thankfully they only had mild symptoms.

Shahnewaz Shaheen was the only one in their home who didn’t get the virus. He works in a hospital and got his COVID vaccine shot about two weeks ago.