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BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn — A man was shot and killed inside a Brooklyn park Tuesday morning, police said.

It happened just before 12 p.m. in Brownsville in the vicinity of Buffalo and East New York avenues.

Authorities arrived to find a 27-year-old man shot in the head and back inside Lincoln Terrace Park..

He was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

The suspect, described to be wearing a black top and black shorts, was seen fleeing the scene in a white Chrysler eastbound on East New York Avenue.

The incident is the latest in New York City shootings. The city has reported a recent spike in gun violence. There were about 44 shooting incidents between Friday and Sunday, according to police.

Officials have had disagreements on what exactly is to blame in the recent surge. The coronavirus outbreak, bail reform and inmates being released from Rikers Island have been different factors, according to the mayor and police officials.