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CANARSIE, Brooklyn — It’s never too late to find your soul mate, even during a pandemic, a newly engaged Brooklyn couple said.

Jeffery Miller, 76, popped the question to 71-year-old Gloria Alexis on Aug. 6 surrounded by staff and friends at the Amber Court Assisted Living facility in Canarsie.

“There’s something about her that makes me happy,” Miller said.

They met at the facility and have been friends for three years. Staff said they are inseparable. During the coronavirus pandemic, Alexis got sick and had complications with her kidneys. Miller said that’s when he realized he loved her.

He said it was the thought of losing her that was too much to bear. As the world seemed uncertain, one thing became more and more clear to him. Alexis was the love of his life and he better put a ring on it.

“You are never too old to find love,” he said. “I’m 76, she’s 71: never give up. Keep the faith. You will always find love out there.”

Miller said what makes their relationship work is that they have two big things in common. They love their families and they love watching TV together.

They hope to get married next month.