NEW YORK (PIX11) – A Brooklyn judge vacated the murder convictions of Samuel “Baby Sam” Edmonson Wednesday.

In court documents, Brooklyn prosecutors accused Edmonson of running a multi-million-dollar crack cocaine business in Brownsville and Bedford-Stuyvesant in the late 1980s, estimating Edmonson’s business created thousands of crack addicts. 

In 1990, Edmonson was convicted of two murders and for running a criminal enterprise.

Last year, Edmonson was granted a hearing to review his convictions, in part because of the involvement in his case by now disgraced former NYPD detective Louis Scarcella.

During a hearing last November, one of the original witnesses who helped send Edmonson to prison took the witness stand, telling a judge he only testified against Edmonson in 1990 because he was pressured to do so by Scarcella, saying he was “completely under coercion and duress.”

The witness insisted he never saw Edmonson commit murder and he lied under oath in 1990 after Scarcella and his partner promised him a reduced sentence in his own case. 

In November, Scarcella told PIX11 News he “absolutely” stands behind his work in the Edmonson case. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office told PIX11 News Wednesday they are reviewing the judge’s decision. Judge Vincent Del Guidice gave prosecutors until Aug. 17 to decide if they will re-try the case or dismiss their charges.