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BOROUGH PARK, Brooklyn — A man was arrested Sunday morning after he allegedly attacked a Jewish man in Brooklyn.

The attack happened along 13th Avenue and 46th Street in Borough Park at about 7:30 a.m. Police arrived to find Farrukh Afzal, a 37-year-old livery driver, attacking Lipa Schwartz, 62, according to cops.

Afzal, who was off duty at the time of the assault, was charged with assault as a hate crime, criminal mischief and harassment. Schwartz told PIX11 he’d never even seen Afzal before the attack.

Schwartz was taken to the hospital with minor lacerations, pain and bruising to his head.

The assault followed a verbal dispute between the two individuals that occurred as the alleged attacker was driving while the victim was crossing the road, police sources said.

Video surveillance shows the vicious attack, where the man punches the victim to the ground before chasing after another man who tried to intervene.

Boro Park Shomrim and the District Manager of Brooklyn Community Board 12 acknowledged the attack on a member of their community, saying “Justice needs to be served swiftly and fully.”