BROOKLYN (PIX11) — A 7-year-old girl broke her leg when a tree limb fell on her in Brooklyn Wednesday morning, authorities said.

The incident occurred at Ocean Pkwy and Webster Avenue in Kensington at around 10:39 a.m., according to the FDNY. The child was transported to the hospital.

Mercedes Giglio was in her apartment watching TV when she heard the crash of the tree falling. She thought it was an earthquake. Then she heard the sound of a child crying.

Her husband, Tony, said the tree was old. He’d had concerns about the tree.

The tree’s on private property and is not maintained by the Parks Department, a spokesperson said. Crews from the Parks Department helped clear the downed tree, which was blocking the right of way.

Since the tree is on private property, it’s up to the owner to maintain it, officials said. PIX11 reached out, but has not yet heard back. New York City Department of Buildings records show a handful of violations for the building in 2019 and 2020 for failing to maintain the exterior, but they’ve since been resolved.

Earlier this month, two people in New York City died within days of each other from fallen tree branches.

The first of the two fatal incidents happened when a 28-inch thick London plane tree lost a branch in the P.O. Reinaldo Salgado Playground in Brooklyn. The branch fell from a height about three-and-a-half stories above the ground and onto a 35-year-old man who was sitting on a park bench below.

In the other incident, a woman who police identified as Donna Douglas, 59, died when a large tree that was planted next to the swimming pool at her high-rise complex in the Bronx toppled over into the pool. She was swimming laps in the pool at the time.