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FLATBUSH, Brooklyn (PIX11) — Diana Salmon survived a life shattering accident and still has hope.

“I’m gonna get my balance back, it’s just a matter of time,” Salmon said.

The fifth grade teacher ended last school year on a high note, nominated to be teacher of the year at P.S 109 in Flatbush.

“I was reaching my students in ways that I felt like I’ve never been able to reach them before.”

The single mom and her two daughters were all set to celebrate at Disney World.

But suddenly on June 30, “I was hit by a vehicle and it was a hit and run vehicle.”

Her life forever changed.

“I remember reaching down at my leg and seeing that it was mangled and trying to keep it together, in my mind at the time I thought maybe if i hold it i can you know keep it together, and I woke up the next morning.”

Doctors amputated Salmon’s left leg above the knee. It was the only way they could save her life. She spent a month in the hospital tortured by pain — but still determined.

There were crutches and intense physical therapy.

“I was there every Monday and Thursday just working on gate training being able to get back on my 2 feet,” she said.

And then the joyous moment caught on camera — her first steps with a new prosthetic leg.

Today, she stands tall, even rock climbing. But her new leg is a limited model and she still cant do many of the activities that she once loved.

“Weight training, strength training, kickboxing, anything that can really get into to just boost up my heart rate. I was doing that,” Salmon told PIX11.

So her fellow teachers decided to step up and help raise money for a new leg — one that would help her become more active again.

The fundraiser is now online and open to anyone who wants to help at

“I was touched beyond measures,” she said of the fundraiser. “There’s something about knowing that you almost lost your life that makes you appreciate so much that you could have lost.”