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Jacob Sabbagh was sentenced to three years for molesting a Brooklyn girl. over a three year period. (Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office)

SUNSET PARK, Brooklyn — A former NYPD officer was sentenced to three years in prison for molesting a girl repeatedly over the course of three years, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office said Wednesday.

Jacob Sabbagh, 34, was a former family friend. He would sleep over at the victim’s Flatbush home around once a month from the time the girl was 10 in 2005 to the time she was 13 in 2008 – one year before Sabbagh joined the police force. He was convicted in June for repeatedly molesting her.

“This defendant’s shameful actions are a shocking betrayal of trust,” said District Attorney Thompson. “That he went on to become a police officer makes this case all the more disturbing.”

The victim and her family moved out of the country. She told her parents about the abuse when she was 16. Police arrested Sabbagh in 2015.

Sabbagh was sentenced to only three of a possible seven years. He has been released on bail pending an appeal.