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BRIGHTON BEACH – The mother of rape suspect 18-year-old Asa Robert broke down while speaking exclusively to PIX11 about her son’s horrifying, alleged rape of an 82-year-old woman.

Holding back tears, she did not want her identity revealed because she is ashamed of what her son is accused of doing.

“Usually he’s not that type of person, he normally helps women, yes he has had trouble before but nothing like this,” Roberts’ mother said.

Robert is accused of raping and robbing an 82-year-old grandmother on Monday after laying in wait inside the woman’s home.

Police say evidence collected at the victim’s home links the 18-year-old to the unthinkable crime, including  surveillance video taken near the scene.

The suspect’s mother, who is pregnant, told PIX11, ” I am so sorry about this, I want him to turn himself in, if he can hear me turn yourself in.”

PIX11 has learned Asa Robert is no stranger to crime, he’s been arrested at least eight times, including last year for robbery and gang assault.