RED HOOK, Brooklyn (PIX11) – It is an event that thousands in Brooklyn find electrifying.

Listening to the sound of 22 Formula E electric race cars going close to 200 mph, there was this very muted, eerie sound.

“Sounds like whistling, almost like a bomb dropping,” said Boerum Hill resident Phil Bird. His 12-year-old son, Rowan, added: “It sounds like fireworks.”

The Brooklyn waterfront, in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, was transformed into an international race track. And for many Brooklynites, it was a first-time experience.

“You’re kind of thinking that these are not so fast or powerful as Formula One, but they are fast. They just zoom by,” said Crown Heights Denes Kane.

“The vibe is just incredible. Such energy, even in the rain,” said Boerum Hill resident ZuZu Boisson.

They are some of the fastest cars in the world and run 100% on electricity, making Formula E a sustainable, green event.

When the skies opened up Saturday, the rain drenched the track and there was a multi-car pileup.

“The cats are so safe. There were no injuries. Drivers walked away safely,” said Matt Roberts with Formula E operations.

The race track was assembled in just a few days at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

This is the fifth Formula E race in Brooklyn. After a pandemic pause, many people who live in the Red Hook neighborhood were happy it’s back, along with some much-needed jobs.

“It’s entertaining and we have jobs for the community, it’s fun even in the rain,” said Red Hood resident Shakena Wells.

For young and old, a chance to see the Formula E cars, which closely resemble Formula One cars, is as thrilling as watching the race itself.

“It’s amazing. You can see everything,” said 11-year-old Peter Stein.