BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PIX11) — Despite having millions of monthly listeners, a strong social media following, and a gold record, prosecutors say Michael Williams, also known as Sheff G, could not let go of gang life.

Williams and his rap prodigy Tegan Chambers, a.k.a. Sleepy Hallow, are among the 32 men and women officials say took part in multiple shootings in Brooklyn.  

“Instead of using his fame and fortune for the betterment of himself and his family, we allege that he used his fortune to elevate gang violence in Brooklyn,” Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said Tuesday.

The investigation began after a gang-related shooting in October 2020, that left five people injured and one man dead. Surveillance video shows the moment the suspects pull up in a stolen car, then fire more than 30 shots into the crowd. Cameras also caught an SUV that blocked off traffic to allow the car to make a clean getaway from the scene.

Prosecutors say Williams ordered bounties and encouraged shootings by offering money and jewelry, and hosting extravagant affairs, including a no-expense-spared dinner at a high-end Manhattan steakhouse following the shooting. 

“Celebrating their accomplishment, that was paid by Sheff and Sleepy, they actually wore matching outfits. One participant was rewarded even further with a custom-made gold chain with the homicide victim’s nickname on it. What an ultimate insult,” said deputy chief Jason Savino, commanding officer of the Gun Violence Suppression Division.  

Investigators said Williams allegedly ordered the kidnapping and murder of one man who he blamed for shooting at his New Jersey home. That victim was viciously beaten at a cemetery and, had it not been for a witness calling the police, officials believe he would have been killed.

Prosecutors said two local crews — the 8 Trey and 9 Ways — joined together to increase their power and were behind a series of shootings aimed at rival gang members, but in some cases left innocent bystanders injured.  

“People often talk about the alliances that violent gangs bring together. Let’s be clear, we have an alliance of our own. We are not going to surrender our streets to violence and that is revealed today,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams.  

Of the 32 alleged gang members, 24 were charged with attempted murder. The alleged shooter accused of killing the man in the October 2020 shooting was charged with murder.

“No longer will these individuals shoot their guns in the streets of New York City and we as a city are safer for that,” said NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig.

Williams and most of the other suspects are in custody but seven have not been arrested. Deputy Chief Savino urged them to turn themselves in.