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PROSPECT PARK, Brooklyn – He was born and raised in Brooklyn and went on to become world famous for his heroism.  Still, some people question whether Steve Rogers deserves his own statue here.

Even when one considers that Rogers is Captain America, the question is open for debate, particularly in a city whose presence of statues depicting historical female figures is even worse than the national average of just eight percent. Nonetheless, the unveiling of the statue of the fictional male superhero is proceeding apace, amid reactions to PIX11 News that were decidedly mixed, but more in favor than not.

Captain America is self-described as “just a kid from Brooklyn.”  He makes the comment in the 2011 Marvel feature-length film “Captain America: The First Avenger”, and it’s a theme in the comic book series, which began during World War II.

The phrase, “I’m just a kid from Brooklyn” is also emblazoned on a 13-foot tall bronze statue of Cap, as he’s nicknamed, that is being cast now, and will be placed in Prospect Park next month.

“How about some nice contemporary art?’ asked Park Slope resident Alex Buwalda, upon learning the news.  “There’s plenty of Brooklyn artists and sculptors” whose work may be more appropriate for Brooklyn’s main park, she said.

Our interview took place in front of a bas-relief sculpture of the Marquis de Lafayette, a French nobleman whose military leadership and financial investments during the Revolutionary War helped the United States win independence from Great Britain.

The one-ton Captain America statue is slated to be set up near the Lafayette monument, in the vicinity of the Prospect Park bandshell.

“Seems like there are better things they could put a statue of,” said one woman as she emerged from a jog in the park with her boyfriend.  But when he asked, “Who’s paying for it, Marvel or the city?” and was told that Marvel, the creators of Captain America, would foot the bill, his girlfriend responded, “It’s fine.”

The project is also endorsed by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams as part of his “Summer Movie Under the Stars” series.

The statue is meant to celebrate the superhero’s 75th year of existence. The bronze statue won’t last so long in the park.  It’s a temporary installation, although how long it will stand is at this point undisclosed.