BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn (PIX11) — Police said gunplay is slowing down in Brownsville after police have cracked down on quality-of-life offenses.

The NYPD has seen a drastic drop in violent crime, with no shootings or homicides reported in Brownsville’s 73rd Precinct in six weeks. 

Chief John Chell said the 73rd Precinct also has the highest gun arrests and enforcement for quality-of-life offenses.

Police also credited Brownsville’s drop in crime to a new “zone strategy” in which NYPD identifies violent hot spots in neighborhoods and floods those areas with more police officers.

Chris Llewellyn, a longtime Brownsville resident, said he is seeing a difference but does not credit the department; instead, he believes it’s the change in season why crime is down in Brownsville.

“The community feels safe right now; we still have a lot of work to do, but it’s getting better in Brownsville,” Chell said.

Overall, crime is down about 15% in Brownsville.