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CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn (PIX11) — City leaders welcomed parkgoers back to Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, which opened for another season Sunday. Many were there to get their first of the year on one of the most iconic Ferris wheels in the nation.

“It’s great,” rider Larry Schneider said. “Coney Island is such a great tradition.”

Brooklyn has been home of the iconic ride since 1920. Deno’s, going on its 102nd season, ignites smiles on riders’ faces. And for 102 of those riders, taking part was free.

The park’s opening — a symbolic start to spring — also allowed a chance to pay tribute to Ukrainian New Yorkers who live around the area. Ukrainian singers sang an upbeat song, and Russian and Ukrainian New Yorkers alike stood next to each other; bonded by the excitement of stepping onto the iconic rides.

“We will be back here many times,” Sen. Chuck Schumer said. “We urge New Yorkers and people around the country come to Coney Island, it’s back … it’s the greatest.”