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BEDFORD-STUYVESANT, Brooklyn — The clock is ticking on Bushwick City Farm.

At the end of August, the owner of the lot on Stockton Street and Lewis Avenue is ending the free month to month lease he has given the community volunteers for the past six years to create an oasis in the middle of Bed Stuy and Bushwick which means so much to this community.

“The children learn about farm animals and nature, plus they give away a lot of eggs and produce to the community,” Yomara Perez , a mother who brings her four children to the farm, told PIX11.

Her 6-year-old daughter, Janaya Lizz Perez, was mesmerized by a caterpillar on a leaf, added “I love all the animals.”

At a barbecue, the petition was displayed more than 1000 people have signed hoping for a way to save the farm.

“The best case scenario is if the city could find another property for the owner and we do a land swap,” Ed Rivera, a farm volunteer, told PIX11.

The owner of the property has told the volunteers he wants to conduct tests on the site to see if he can develop the lot for condos, something upsetting to mothers who bring their small children to this farm on the weekends.

“We need green spaces, educational spaces, safe spaces for our children,” one mother told PIX11. “We don’t need condos,” she added.

The owner/manager of the property did not return our request for an interview.