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BROOKLYN (PIX11) — Community leaders are calling for two brothers from Bay Ridge to stop with outrageous pranks — or someone could get hurt.

The Etayyim brothers, Moe and Et, have been filming in Brownsville, East New York and Bed-Suty or “the hood” as they often refer to the neighborhoods.

“It’s not funny because you have people who are characteristically under-served, who may have been victimized or feel they have been victimized,” said City Councilman Robert Cornegy.

The brothers try to get a passerby to fight them in the street with idiotic tactics and questions.

In one video titled “Do You Have A Problem In The Hood,” the brothers go up to strangers and ask if they “have a problem,” while holding a calculator.

Video contains graphic language

The pair’s other work involves sitting on strangers’ laps on the subway, grabbing people’s cellphones and farting on people.

Video contains graphic language

A gun was even pulled on one of the brothers.

Community activists are, needless to say, concerned about these brothers’ behavior. They are demanding the brothers put an end to their antics.

Cornegy loves Bedford-Stuyvesant. He says Mo and Et are picking fights in the wrong neighborhood.

“We’ve suffered with the monicker “Do or Die Bed-Stuy” for decades and now were at the point where people are having a renewed pride in their community and to do this sets us back decades,” Cornegy said. “They are coming in, provoking unnecessarily and irresponsibly black and Latino men and for what? So they can get YouTube ratings. It’s ridiculous.”

Many say the brothers are mocking residents of lower income neighborhoods. Others are concerned that this kind of silliness could start violence quickly.

The brothers claim they’re not being racist, and that they target everybody.

One brother, Moe told the Daily News, “Every time we go out to prank, we are never serious. We don’t think about it. We don’t make anybody’s day go wrong.”

The brothers insist it’s “just for fun” and that they’re going to “just keep doing it.”