PARK SLOPE, Brooklyn (PIX11) — Jessica Chrustic is on a mission to find the man who dealt a deadly blow to her dog, Moose, during an early morning walk in Prospect Park on Aug. 3. 

Chrustic and Moose were attacked by a man carrying a large stick, who struck Moose across the mouth, causing significant bleeding and a broken tooth. Moose died a few days later from sepsis, due to undetected internal injuries.

The alleged attacker still remains at large, despite Chrustic telling PIX11 News that she and others in the neighborhood know exactly who did it.

“Immediately, I got flooded with messages from people who had said that they had similar experiences,” said Chrustic. 

Chrustic claims the suspect has lived in Prospect Park for years and has a distinct look that is impossible to miss. 

“A blind squirrel could find him,” said Chrustic. “He’s never without a very tall stick that is a weapon, for all intents and purposes now, and a garbage bag, and he has dreads that are very large in a beehive.” 

Chrustic said she is shocked and disheartened that there has so far not been an arrest. 

The attack on Moose, coupled with other safety issues around Park Slope, prompted Kristian Nammack and Dionne Rivera to investigate forming a neighborhood watch group. 

“I feel like Park Slope has slid downhill,” said Nammack. 

The neighbors, hoping to be each other’s eyes and ears around Park Slope, started a Meet Up group that already has more than 40 members.

“I do talk to other dog owners and they’re worried, too,” said Rivera. 

Nammack made clear that he does not want to start a vigilante group or usurp the NYPD in any way. 

In a recent tweet, the NYPD’s 78th precinct said more officers will be patrolling during the early-morning hours. 

Chrustic hopes those efforts pay off soon. 

“I’m concerned for the community, most of all,” said Chrustic. “Because I can’t bring back Moose, but I can make sure people are safe moving forward.”