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GREENPOINT, Brooklyn (PIX11) — Students at St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy in Brooklyn are taking STEM to a whole new level. 

Kindergarten through eighth grade are having fun learning all about weather using a unique device combining math, technology and science.

Dr. Ivan Green, the school’s principal, has worked on bringing the meteorology program to the science curriculum since 2021, he said. After raising the funds needed, he and his staff brought the plan to fruition last year by purchasing a state-of-the-art weather station. They installed it on the school’s rooftop.  

“The fact that they can have the foundation here that will give them a start and a sense of direction from here to high school and college and beyond, into their career field of choice,” Dr. Green said.

STEM directors, Elizabeth Lynch and Helen Kazes take a hands-on approach for each lesson. Students learn everything about the weather, from the basics to how to analyze and put together a weather forecast. 

The weather station comes fully equipped with a thermometer, barometer and anemometer to measure temperature, pressure and wind speed. It also collects precipitation and is solar powered with Wi-Fi. The information goes to a tablet, where students can analyze the data. From there, they translate the information into graphs.

So far, these students have mastered the art of weather forecasting. Faculty members say they’ll be working on weather presentation next.