BROOKLYN (PIX11) — Brooklyn students took home an A+ and earned millions from the state, all for a homework assignment.

Their story started in June of 2021 when they were given homework to spot a community problem and fight to fix it. The fifth graders at PS 676 chose to fix the Hamilton Avenue Pedestrian Bridge, just a few blocks away from their school.

The bridge, which connects Carroll Gardens and Red Hook, was falling apart and was unsafe. 

For months, the students used their free time and lunch time to work on the project. They created a model of the bridge with a kids architecture building set and wrote letters to their elected officials.

Their push worked. Their idea got the attention and $3 million in funding from the state.  

Principal Priscilla Figueroa said their passion and never give up attitude was the key to their success. The students hope that every time someone crosses the bridge now, they know the fixes came from a group of kids who had a dream in their hearts, did the hard work and made it happen.  

Their next project is renovating the green space at the foot of the bridge, creating a new park, and making a new community mural.  If you want to help or volunteer, click here.