BROOKLYN (PIX11) — Two anti-abortion “extremists” harassed workers and disrupted services at a Brooklyn Planned Parenthood on Thursday, New York Attorney General Letitia James said.

Her office is reviewing the incident. She said the office had taken legal action against the protesters in the past and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.

“Everyone should be able to make decisions about their bodies without fear of intimidation or violence,” James said.

There were no patients in the waiting area of the health center at the time of the incident, a Planned Parenthood of Greater New York spokesperson said. Trauma support is being given to impacted staff members.

“Over the years, we have witnessed anti-abortion extremists spew lies and use physical force to threaten our staff, bully our volunteers, and demoralize our patients,” Planned Parenthood of Greater New York Interim President and CEO Joy Calloway said. “Nationwide attacks on abortion rights have fueled their vitriol. We will not allow our communities to fall victim to extreme hate. Planned Parenthood of Greater New York will pursue every avenue of legal recourse to ensure the safety and security of patients, staff, and volunteers.”

Gov. Kathy Hochul said she was outraged by what had happened.

“This is a shameful attempt to prevent New Yorkers from exercising their fundamental right to access reproductive care,” she said. “They won’t win.”