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BROOKLYN — A Brooklyn man was sentenced to 31 years in prison on Tuesday over his 2019 conviction for attempted murder and assault on an FBI agent, a U.S. District Attorney’s office confirmed.

The incident dates back to December 2018. FBI Special Agent Christopher Harper was doing surveillance on an unrelated case. At around 3 p.m., 31-year-old Ronell Watson, driving a BMW sedan in the wrong direction, approached Harper’s vehicle, partially blocking Harper’s own, according to officials.

As Agent Harper tried to move his vehicle around the BMW, Watson pulled a handgun out of his pocket and fired multiple shots, wounding Agent Harper in the back and with one of the bullets lodged in one of his lungs. Harper returned fire at Watson, wounding him in the hand, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Watson abandoned his BMW at a nearby auto body shop, then had a friend drive him in another vehicle to the hospital where he was ultimately arrested. Harper underwent multiple surgeries to have the bullet removed from his lung. Watson was convicted of assault and attempted murder in July of 2019.

On Tuesday, Watson received a sentence of 382 months in prison.

“Justice has been served. This office is gratified by the lengthy prison sentence the court imposed on Watson for his senseless, cold-blooded and unprovoked shooting of Special Agent Harper, who came close to losing his life,” stated Acting U.S. Attorney Mark Lesko.